ITD call-in number gives employees
access to information in an emergency

Employees across the state have access to call in on a hotline that is activated in the case of an emergency that provides employee with critical information regarding their own district or division. It may be used if employees are unable to get to work because of a natural disaster, health-related outbreak, long-term system-wide computer failure, or any other scenario where regular job access or function is compromised for a sustained period of time.

"It improves readiness, and in times of emergency, this is a another tool we can use to communicate with our employees, increasing everyone situational awareness," explained ITD Emergency Management Planner Neal Murphy.

The number is 877-281-0994 (7-8873 internally). When you call the number once it has been activated, you will hear:

“You have reached the Emergency Message Hotline for ITD employees.
For District 1, press 1
For District 2, press 2
For District 3, press 3
For District 4, press 4
For District 5, press 5
For District 6, press 6
For Aeronautics, press 7
For Ports of Entry, press 8
For Headquarters, press 9"

Published 03-06-20