This Too Shall Pass

From the (home)desk of Transporter Editor Reed Hollinshead 

This too shall pass. That was a statement I heard my mother say many, many times as I was growing up when I thought whatever situation I was faced with at the moment would define me and change my life forever. It was a good reminder to keep it in perspective. Certainly it requires an adjustment in the moment, but this (insert crisis here) too shall pass.

It is a reminder that not everything has been canceled or postponed. Kindness is not cancelled. Compassion is not canceled. Laughter is not canceled.

We need each other more than ever. We’re all in this together, and it should give us some valuable lessons that resonate beyond today. We saw traffic ease and highway deaths drop as congestion took a hiatus. We saw smoggy skylines come into greater clarity without the pollution of millions of vehicles. Waterways that had been filled with litter to the point that you couldn’t see past the surface suddenly gave us clear water -- fish were even een. Crime seemed to take a break as people focused on a common enemy.

I saw messages of hope all over:
- We’re all in this together.
- Stronger together.
- We’re here for you.
- Staying steadfast.

Cmmunities united, rallying around those who has lost their jobs. People were more neighborly to one another. Cities paid for their restaurants to make meals for the suddenly displaced. Empty college dorms were turned into makeshifts hospital rooms. Big manufacturers and small businesses alike switched gears to focus on producing ventilators or masks — overall, a heartwarming outpouring of goodwill.

No doubt this is a serious fight. We have to be smart, vigilant and cautious. We took a beating in the early rounds of this fight, but there's still a lot of fight left in us. And it is a fight we can win. Tough times don't last, but tough people do. That's another phrase I heard a lot growing up.

My mother was brought up by parents (and grandparents) who had survived WWI, the Spanish Flu (another pandemic that infected 500 million globally and killed about 50 million people— 675,000 of those here in the U.S.). WWII and The Great Depression - they knew the secret was to adapt, adjust and endure...because This Too Shall Pass.

Stay Strong - Stay Safe!

Published 04-03-20