ITD’s Critical Incident Stress Management volunteers ready to assist employees with anxiety, fear during pandemic

The department’s Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team is ready to help employees dealing with anxiety, fear, or other feelings that employees may face during this pandemic.

“Although CISM volunteers are not trained COVID-19 experts, they can offer support and help during this crisis,” said ITD Safety Manager Randy Danner.

The CISM team was formed last fall to aid in various stressful situations employees might face, particularly as we are often the first responders to various highway crashes and accidents, and those can cause issues for the employees, whether that be long-term or short-term effects. There are other unexpected situations, like the current coronavirus crisis, when CISM can be a resource for employees. Attached also is a PDF about dealing with anxiety related to COVID-19 at home or work.

There are numerous employees in each district who can help. Below is a roster of volunteers:

District 1
Gary Davis & Dave Bohrn - Sandpoint
Keith Viebrock – Cd’A
Shannon Thornton – Athol/Spirit Lake

District 2
Bruce Bovey - Lucile
Dave Vance & Ty Winther – Moscow
Taylor Dollar - Bovill
Bud Converse & Mike Towne - Lewiston
Jon Kleppel – Powell

District 3
Tony Anchustegui & Greg Clark – New Plymouth
Bill Nicholson, Eric Copeland, Dave Dansereau, John Hall & Mariah Rutledge – Garden City
Mike Benton - Marsing
Zeb Jerman – Weiser
Randy Gehrke - Banks
AJ Hutchison & Jeanne Fisher – Mountain Home
Kyle Hobeck – Boise/Orchard

District 4
Lisa Kidd & Chuck Sharp - Shoshone
Brian Davidson - Rupert
Allen Ploss – Jerome
Joe Sabala – Bliss

District 5
Shane Brown – American Falls
Ty Averett & Ryan Burgin - Blackfoot
Sandy Jenkins, Rod Richardson & Jerry Bauer - Pocatello
Ron Manchester & Richard Gleed - Montpellier

District 6
Thomas Jarvis - Mackay
Anthony Black & Ronnie Butler - Rigby
Dallas Dupree - Salmon
Sheldon Jones - Leadore

Jim Phillips
Randy Danner



Published 04-10-20