Gov. Little hands a meal to a driver at the "Lunches for Truckers" event April 3.

"Lunches for Truckers" event
at East Boise Port of Entry
supports truck drivers and their vital role

Generosity is pouring in across Idaho during the COVID-19 emergency. On April 3, the Idaho Trucking Association (ITA) showed support to thousands of truck drivers traveling through ITD’s East Boise Port of Entry.

The ITA’s “Lunches for Truckers” project provided a free boxed meal to the hard-working drivers who are keeping important resources moving during this uncertain time. Governor Brad Little and other volunteers handed out 2,000 lunches to appreciative truck drivers.

“With all the other challenges we’re having as we get through this coronavirus issue, it’s really important that commerce is maintained. Everybody knows about the shortages that exist in the grocery store. Who they need to appreciate are the men and women who are driving these trucks and right now are part of that critical infrastructure people need to survive,” Governor Little said.

Watch the video of the event, here.

As trucks rolled through the East Boise Port of Entry, drivers honked, waved, and smiled out the window, grateful for the recognition.

“We just want the trucking industry to know they’re really important in Idaho and we appreciate them,” said Governor Little.

Pictured at right: Luke from the Idaho Trucking Association participates in the event.

ITD received this note from an appreciative trucking company following the event:

"I have just learned that one of drivers while travelling through the state of Idaho, was pulled in for what he thought would be a random inspection. To his surprise, he was given a wonderful box lunch instead by one of your professional scale house officers. I do not know which scale he was at, but felt the need to reach out and say thank you . This type of exemplary / beyond the call of duty humanity has us all beaming here at Transpro. In my 38 years in the trucking industry I have never witnessed such an incredible act of kindness, especially in such troubling times we are all experiencing here in North America / worldwide.

Wishing I could thank those frontline officers personally, am hoping you could pass this email onto those that made the decision, for their time and generosity to make this happen. In turn, I would welcome any officer ever travelling through Milton Ontario to stop by Transpro, so we can return the favor. Our door will always be open to them, and our hearts.

Keep up the great work by not only keeping the roadways safe, but making life that much better for our drivers as they travel through the great state of Idaho. "

- Michael Frolick, TransPro Freight Systems LTD.

Published 04-10-20