The Johnson family delivered masks to D1 April 10.

Johnson family from Sagle delivers
100 homemade masks to ITD

Anyone watching the news has likely seen the positive stories of individuals and organizations helping one another during the COVID-19 outbreak, with much of that assistance being directed—rightly so—toward our first responders and our healthcare workers as they save lives.

The work we do at ITD saves lives too, and a family from Sagle recently recognized that by gifting the department with 100 masks.

“We are grateful for everyone who's putting themselves on the line,” said Trina Johnson, the matriarch of the family farm in Sagle.

Trina was approached by the District 1 Permits Coordinator Stacy Simkins who saw a post on Facebook asking if anyone needed masks. Trina’s three children — Hannah, Harvey and Raye — helped make the masks and had the request filled within 24 hours.

That delivery was enough to protect all of the operators in North Idaho with masks to spare.

“We have made just over 850 masks! It's been five days since we started counting,” Trina said. “We are doing 100 - 200 a day. If you guys need more, just give us a holler.”

If you’d like to support this community-oriented family farm, visit their webpage at or find them on Facebook as Maker’s Long Acres.

Pictured right D1's Stacy Simkins and her masks from the Johnson family.

Published 04-17-20