State Communications honored
during National Public Safety
Telecommunicator's Week

For their assistance to the Idaho State Police and Idaho Transportation Department in keeping Idaho road users safe and informed, Idaho State Communications was honored today during Public Safety Telecomunicator’s Week.

ITD and State Comunications have been working together for more than five decades. State Comm serves aa the dispatcher and describer for ITD maintenance forces, and is a critical link in keeping the public informed of road closures or activities. At times, they update roadside electronic message boards and 511 Traveler Information Systems on ITD’s behalf, and back up all agency districts and our Division of Aeronautics during emergency events.

“They are essential to our operations, relying vital information from the field to the traveling public,” ITD Emergency Planner Neal Murphy said. “It's an opportunity for public-safety agencies and the public to recognize the critical work done in emergency communication centers across Idaho and the nation.”

“They support ITD’s role as incident responders. We are a team that relies on each other to keep all the traveling public and our employees informed and safe.”

Idaho State Police Colonel Ked Wills noted, “Governor Little said it first, but it’s worth repeating. These emergency communications officers are the first, first responders. They are the human connection that ensures help gets to the people who need it most. The Idaho State Police could not perform its mission of changing and saving lives without these dedicated professionals. I'm so proud of the people serving in our communication centers and the work they do.”

In Idaho, public safety agencies across the state count on Emergency Communications Officers as integral partners in the provisioning of public safety services.

Last year alone, Idaho State Communications processed and dispatched on more than 225,000 calls


Published 04-17-20