Eric Nelson from D2 named Top Shot winner
for snow evisceration

Eric Nelson’s shot of coworker Jon Kleppel blowing snow from Elk Summit Road on behalf of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game in February won over judges for its up-close view of our department’s work.  

The judges had seven district-winning photos to review in the latest round of the department’s photo contest.

“This photo really tells a story,” said Jake Melder, D3 Public Information Officer. “It does a great job of capturing the action of blowing snow. There’s the spinning blades, the flying snow, and the concentration of Jon. I’ve been looking at it for a while and keep seeing more and more interesting things. Well done!”

As an operator from the US-12 Lochsa region, Nelson is closely acquainted with snow. Snow at Lolo Pass reached seven feet this season, giving Nelson and his teammates several chances to capture those wintry moments.

Two hundred and twenty-seven photos were entered into the contest, which ended just days before Governor Little issued the stay-at-home order. Thankfully judges were able to use virtual tools like WebEx to stay connected and hash out the pros and cons of the best entries from the districts and headquarters.

While the next contest likely won’t coincide with a global pandemic, it may be a little different. (And that is all we will say for now. Of course, if you have any feedback you would like to share, talk to your local public information officer.)

Here are the other finalists for the winter photo contest, in no particular order:

HQ - Anthony Beauchamp - I-84 King Hill Bridge.

D5 - Deloy Kunz - Snowblowing on I-15.

D6 - Lucas Richins - Punching a hole on ID-33.

D3 - Greg Strickland - Waiting to resume the battle on ID-21.

D4 - Dakota Morgan - View of Lower Stanley.

D1 - Mike Margason - Blowing Snow on I-90, Fourth of July Pass.


Published 05-01-20