"Look Before You Lock" campaign
in full swing

Temperatures are on the rise and the ITD Office of Highway Safety is teaming up with other Idaho agencies and businesses reminding people how dangerous it is to leave kids, pets, and vulnerable adults inside cars. 

This is the second year of the "Look Before You Lock" campaign. The goal is to remind drivers to check the back seat to make sure they are bringing everyone out of the car with them when running errands, or at least leaving a window partially open.. 

This campaign is particularly important now during the COVID-19 pandemic as many people’s routines are different.

New this year are printable hanging tags for review mirrors. You can print the tags in color, or for a fun coloring activity in black and white.

"The idea behind the hanging tag is to remind people to look back for people or pets inside their vehicle," said Office of Highway Safety Manager John Tomlinson. 

Last year, 52 children died after being left in hot cars. That’s the second year in a row with more than 50 pediatric vehicular heatstroke deaths, according to noheatstroke.org. 

Even on a mild temperature day of 75 degrees outside, the inside of the car can reach 94 degrees in?10 minutes and 109 degrees in 30 minutes.

"Overheating can happen quickly," said Tomlinson. "Starting the habit now of always looking in your backseat can significantly lessen the chance of leaving children or pets unnoticed." 

Published 05-08-20