A little goes a long way

Everyone knows this is a tough time for many. Being temporarily quarantined is not easy, and if your work is considered essential, it makes things a little trickier.

While most businesses and activities are practically shut down for a short period of time, the trucking industry rolls on. Hearing about volunteers and businesses that were handing out lunches and goodies to the truckers that came through our Ports of Entry all over the state, Rod Russel, owner of the Sandpiper Restaurant in Pocatello, decided he wanted to join in on the tribute.

In the beginning of May, Rod contacted District 5 POE Supervisor Nancy Casperson with the idea of hosting a trucker’s lunch to show his appreciation. Through lots of planning and coordinating, the two came together and decided to host this lunch on Wednesday, May 13 at the Inkom Port’s of Entry south of Pocatello on Interstate 15.  
Idaho State Police and ITD POE Rovers set up and managed traffic control to keep traffic rolling, and volunteers came from all over Pocatello to help with the event. The Sandpiper Restaurant, Soda Shop, Fusion Fab and The Mia Team real estate agents contributed and donated food, drinks and services.
Everyone showed up at 10 a.m. to begin cooking the burgers and fries. By 10:45. they were able to start handing out lunches to the truckers, and were finished by 2 p.m. Local television came out to broadcast this wonderful event. The local newspaper also reported on it:

Pocatello’s Sandpiper, community partners give out over 600 free meals to truck drivers in Inkom

This event was the first of two trucker-appreciation events that held at the Inkom Port of Entry -- both have been both a huge success.

“I would like to thank all the Inkom Inspectors and ISP that were present at our events," said Casperson. "Everyone helped by directing traffic, watching the ramps to control the traffic flow, and all pitched in to provide service to others."

"We really have an exceptional team at Inkom. It’s great that our POE inspectors can be part of such an encouraging effort to recognize what the trucking industry does for all of us. Events like this give the inspectors a chance to help out and connect with the drivers.”

Casperson was also impressed by the giving spirit that drove the event forward.

"It's amazing to see so many people, in local communities statewide, come together and help each other out through the bad times. To have these local businesses put their resources together and do such a nice thing for these truckers, who continue to drive day in and day out for all of us, is a great way to show them how much we truly appreciate them and their services."

“What really touches me the most is that these businesses and volunteers that put these events together donated their own money, supplies and time after losing so much money because of the Covid-19 shutdown," she added. "In tough times, these people are thinking of and doing something for others.”


Published 05-29-20