Besides verbal recognition, ITD employees have another avenue to share their appreciation for the assistance and guidance of co-workers. The department's MVP cards, which are found through the HR site on SharePoint, can play an important role in fostering a sense of appreciation, which is an essential component of job satisfaction.

If you have VPN accerss, this link will send you directly to the MVP Card site.

The goal here is to make that appreciation more visible, and to remind employees that this resource exists and can be an important morale-booster.

Here are the MVP cards posted recently:

To: Alissa Salmore
From: Marc Munch
Alissa has done an amazing job with the environmental compliance for Key 20590 in District 5. Of course this is to be expected as she is always a rockstar! Thanks Alissa!

To: Ryan Manley
From: Ben Harker
Ryan is a great trainee and goes the extra mile to learn and be part of the team. A special thank you is for clearing the brush and garbage from D4 westside permanent rover signs. A for effort!

To: Todd Hubbard
From: Corey Krantz
Todd cares about his employees and is mentoring them. Thanks for mentoring with me today and for making time to do that.

To: Kip Higgins
From: Pat Carr
Kip,I appreciate your quick response time when I contacted you after work on Friday to help a customer at the county DL Office. Thank you for dedication to your job and helping a CDL Driver!

To: Karen Baker
From: Barbara Kerr
Thank you, Karen, for tirelessly plowing though endless imaging projects for ITD DMV as well as other agencies. You never turn down new projects and always complete your work with a positive 'can do'.

To: Vicky Jewell
From: Connie Jones
Thank you so much for helping us during construction with your knowledge and expertise concerning Hazardous Materials procedures. Your help turning around the reviews promptly saved time & conflict.

To: Christina Lucas
From: Michael Rice
Christina is a great asset to the ITD team. She graciously took the time to meet with me and guide me through the setup and usage of MS Teams which has already been very beneficial.Thanks!!

To: Luis Barroso
From: Marcie Hoyt
Thank you for all you do to support D3 in the fleet world! Your attention to detail and communicating helps me do my job even better! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

To: Ross Engle
From: Cecilia Awusie
I appreciated your care, concern so much when traveling on the state plane as part of the Program Delivery tour. You put me at great ease.

To: Ruth Munoz
From: Lisa West
I so appreciate you skill, knowledge, attention to detail, and diligence. You always get the job done, and you're always ready, willing and able to help me when I need it. YOU ARE APPRECIATED! :-)

To: Jeff Oien
From: Barbara Kerr
Congratulations, Jeff, on your successful bid to become Program Supervisor for the Customer Contact Center. Your experience at ITD and in CCC assures that you will be a great leader for this team.

To: David Barrett
From: Sandra Stewart
Thank you for taking all of the things that need done in the office as the I work from home. You do an awesome job getting the mail, taking care of cleaning crew needs, email me docs I need.

To: Charlie Bussey
From: Elaine Couture-Landers
You are remarkable! Great job completing nearly 100 SharePoint site migrations to the cloud during the last 30 days, while helping the business to develop new processes to enhance their WFH efforts.

To: Dianna Magstadt
From: Ester Ceja
Dianna I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and smile in providing assistance when something arises requiring your knowledge and action. THANK YOU!!!

To: Neal Murphy
From: Jennifer Shildgen
Iappreciate Neal for always making me feel part of a team. He keeps us updated and is always looking out to protect all of us. Thanks for all you do.

To: Niki Scurry
From: Beth Schiller
Niki is always willing to share ideas, step in to help and work as a team. I really appreciate her can-do attitude and sense of humor. She brings positive energy to our workplace ever day. Thank you!

To: Dan Thornock & Chris Kaetzel
From: Suzanne Weddle
Dhank you for all your support, knowledge sharing, troubleshooting and process improvement for StateComm and Mobility Services projects. You are the best!

To: Rachelle Swanson
From: Taylor Bothke
Rachelle was a whiz at getting my work cellphone ready to go and never gave me the impression she was put out by having to go into HQ to get this done. Her friendly attitude alone is a 15/10 :)

To: Vince Trimboli
From: Lisa West
Thanks to you and the Office of Communications staff for an outstanding level of coordination, collaboration and communication during the pandemic. YOU AND YOUR TEAM ARE APPRECIATED!

To: Ramon Hobdey-Sanchez
From: Amy Smith
Ramon is truly amazing at keeping all things legislative and rule moving in the right direction. He puts up with my endless questions, and I admire his go-to skills! He is one of the very best!

To: Althea Fackrell
From: Rebecca Showman
I appreciate Althea for working hard IN the office at D3. She continues to cover the front desk, answer phone calls, and receive daily mail; while most staff are telecommuting. Thank you!!!

To: Amy Smith
From: Christine Fisher
Amy is my “everything” person! She always has the best advice on what to do and how to handle or manage anything! She makes me smile every single day! Thank you, Amy!

To: Nik Sterbenz
From:Alissa Salmore
With your capacity for both 'big picture' and detail thinking, plus mad GIS skills and your 'can do' attitude, YOU. GET. STUFF. DONE. We are SO lucky you are at ITD! You are a rock star!

To: Janet French
From: Beth Stiller
I appreciate Janet for taking the initiative to make the Policy Finder site more organized. Her eye for detail and strong analytical skills have made it much easier to navigate. She is truly an MVP!

To: Lori Graves
From: Caleb Forrey
Lori-You've done a terrific job transitioning into a complicated role. Thanks for keeping us informed, setting clear deadlines, and willingness to learn! I appreciate it.

To: Kimberly Stump
From: Natasha Aransen
Kim’s dedication to streamlining processes and gaining efficiencies through technology is a positive addition to DMV. I greatly appreciate her tenacity and drive to move technology efforts forward.

To: Sarah Pietras
From: Amber Parry
You are an amazing team player and always willing to help no matter how busy you are or if its part of your department or not. You are amazing. Thank you

Published 05-29-20