ITD's 2020 Safety Stand Down
provides tips, best safety practices
for "new normal"

The annual Safety Stand Down, held on September 30 this year, featured the best practices that we developed individually and as work groups to cope with the uniquely challenging COVID-19 pandemic and the "new normal" we each identified in our work areas.

As promised, we recorded the sessions and are posting them below, along with some great videos that were sprinkled throughout the event.

Safety Stand Down Team lead Jesse Barrus and co-host Aubrie Spence did a great job, and thanks also to panelists Vince Trimboli, Jeff Marker, Mark McKinney, Mike Ahlers and Reymundo Rodriguez. Reed Hollinshead and Randy Danner also contributed as members of the Safety Stand Down planning team. Of course, it wouldn't have worked without Michelle Cobler and Eddy Martinez, the WebEx gurus.

Here's the link to the main session

Here are the links to the other videos:

Welcome from ITD Executive Team

Char's Video

Director's Video

Mask Photo Montage

This is how we mask around ITD

Work From Home with Neal Murphy

DMV Masks

Mask-Scott video

Published 10-02-20