Department launches "Prepare – Be Aware" Winter Safety Campaign

The Idaho Transportation Department launched the second annual Winter Safety Campaign Dec. 7 with a short video encouraging drivers to be careful around snowplows. The Prepare – Be Aware campaign encourages drivers to use tools and information provided by the department to stay safe during the winter months.

Watch video.

Winter safety is a top priority. Reflecting that, this campaign will go wide with messages on social media, radio, television, and ITD's dynamic message signs over roadways. The hub for all information will be on our website, with a dedicated webpage.

Some of the messages will give drivers a checklist of items to keep in their car and teach them how to maintain their vehicle. Others will inform drivers of the powerful 5-1-1 app and website, which provides current road conditions with live photos. These messages will be shared from now until the end of March.

ITD's Facebook page is at, and the transportation department's Twitter account uses the handle @IdahoITD.


Published 12-09-16