District 2 makes recruiting appearance at University of Idaho career fair

Public outreach is central to the Idaho Transportation Department’s vision, to attract the young engineers and other people that help propel the department into the future. District 2’s recent outreach at the University of Idaho’s Career Fair Feb. 8 in Moscow, spearheaded by Janet Zarate (above in black shirt and tan pants), Kerby Kirkham (above in blue shirt, crossed ankles) and Joe Schacher, is just the latest example.

D2’s Zarate (Associate Engineer), Kirkham (Staff Engineer) and Schacher (Design/Construction Engineer) were on hand to promote the agency and the opportunity for a career in transportation with ITD. In the half-day event, more than 100 interested students stopped by the booth, including a few dozen looking for a summer internship to bolster their career chances.

In fact, just two days after the fair came this letter, addressed to Schacher:

Thank you and Kerby for taking the time to talk with me at the University of Idaho career fair on Wednesday. I was pleased to hear about the innovative company culture at ITD and also about your takes on self-driving cars in Idaho and solar roads. I’m glad to hear that there are always new projects to work on in Idaho. 

I am excited to hear about upcoming engineering internship opportunities around the CDA or Moscow area this summer! I am interested in ITD and hope we can keep in touch about these opportunities in the future. Thanks again.

Braiden Markham

“The wave of eligible retirees we have been talking about for the past couple of years has become a reality for our Design/Construction groups in District 2.” District Engineer Dave Kuisti said.  “We have been working to fill several vacant positions for the last few months.

“In their efforts to fill these vacancies, Janet, Kerby, and Joe saw an opportunity to get a lot of qualified candidates (Go Vandals!) to look at a career at ITD, and they took the initiative to make it happen. What a cultural success story!  I couldn’t be more pleased, and I am sure their efforts will pay dividends.”

D2’s outreach efforts also include recruiting stops at local high schools and county fairs.  


Published 02-17-17