McGrath impressed during rapid indoctrination            

Travis McGrath, the new Chief Operations Officer, has now been drinking from the ITD fire hose for a few weeks. The Transporter got to visit with him about the surprises and impressions of those first two weeks:

“I've been fortunate to participate in the 2017 Operations Conference and to visit two Districts (5 and 6).  I'm amazed by the welcome I've received.  Everywhere I visit, people go out of their way to introduce themselves.  They tell me what they like about the new ITD and their colleagues.  They openly tell me what challenges they're facing, yet they are also eager to share their good ideas and even brainstorm solutions with me. 

“Overall, I see a high level of engagement - in the design/construction teams, in the maintenance sheds, and in the districts and headquarters.  

“This is the first time I've ever enjoyed drinking from the metaphorical fire hose.  It's a little overwhelming, but also very energizing!”


Published 04-07-17