Pemble nominated for prestigious lifetime achievement award            

Ed Pemble, the Division of Motor Vehicles’ Modernization Manager, has been nominated by the department for a national lifetime achievement award in highway safety.

The Martha Irwin Award for Lifetime Achievement in Highway Safety is given annually by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA). It is awarded to an individual whose primary function is directly associated with highway and traffic-safety efforts and who has had a distinguished career in this arena. The award will be presented at AAMVA’s annual meeting this August in San Francisco.

“It is with great pleasure that I nominate Ed Pemble for the Martha Irwin Award,” Division of Motor Vehicle Administrator Alan Frew wrote. “Ed has played a role in almost every major safety and technology improvement made at the Idaho DMV during the past 35 years.”

In the nomination, some of Ed’s many contributions to highway safety were noted, including the development of:

- a database for law enforcement to remove and keep repeat offenders off the road;
- the Driver Record Dashboard that allows businesses that hire drivers to check and monitor the safety and medical records of their drivers;
- a streamlined system for holders of commercial driver’s licenses to meet medical reporting requirements and reduce trips to the DMV; and
- REAL ID-compliant identification for Idaho. Ed worked extensively with Department of Homeland Security to grant Idaho extensions in meeting the implementation deadline and keep Idaho compliant with the federal law.

“I encourage you to carefully consider Ed’s qualifications and honor him with this award,” Frew wrote in his nomination letter. “He is deserving of this recognition."

Pemble will be retiring in August, after 35 years of service to the department.

Published 04-21-17