D2 Striping Crew tackles challenge of striping all of D1 and D2
(and some of D3) this year

In the last few years, ITD crews have perfected the art of doing more with fewer resources. The District 2 Striping Crew is a perfect example.

This year, for the first time ever, D2's crew will take on the challenge of completing the striping throughout District 1 as well as their own district. In addition, D2 striped a number of miles of roads in District 3.
District 1 and District 2 each have more than 1,500 lane miles, but many of the construction projects in those districts will have those miles re-striped under those project contracts. Probably 1,200-1,300 lane miles will be completed in each district. For D3, they striped from the U.S. 95/Idaho 55 intersection in New Meadows to D3 northern border, which equates to about 43 lane miles.

“As part of ITD’s plan to no longer use contract striping on our interstate routes, the four striping crews at ITD had to redraw the their striping boundaries,” explained D2 District Engineer Dave Kuisti.  “This has resulted in District 2’s Striping Crew taking on a significantly larger number of lane miles.” 

“Our crew has been gaining efficiencies and increasing their production for each of the past four years. Completing their larger assigned area this year will be challenging. I certainly appreciate their willingness to take this on, their positive attitude, and the pride they take in doing quality work,” he added.


Published 05-12-17