Innovation Profile: D2 Steward Doral Hoff            

A few years ago, ITD leadership noticed that great ideas generated in the field weren't getting submitted into the innovation funnel. The main culprit was not an unwillingness, but rather just not knowing how. To remove that barrier, innovation stewards were added in each district to facilitate the submission of ideas. These innovation stewards are not extremely well-known in the districts, however.

Profiles of these innovation stewards are being published in the Transporter. This week's profile is D2's Doral Hoff. The D2 role will transition to Roy Hill as of June 1:

Pictured, right to left: Roy Hill and Doral Hoff.

What intrigued you about this role?
D.H.: The innovation stewards have the opportunity to help bring the story of Innovation to the District. Innovation is all about trying to make our processes and work efforts more streamlined and efficient – it is very exciting to have the chance to be on the ground floor of changing the way we here at ITD, look at doing our work, and have the ability to make it better.

How long have you been the D2 innovation steward?
D.H.: Since the beginning of the stewards program – 2+ years now.

Are there common misperceptions you often hear that prove to hinder the process of submitting ideas?

D.H.: My idea doesn't matter. It's not "big" enough to count.

How would you answer those concerns?

D.H.: Every new idea is connected to how we do things. As we develop new ideas and innovations, they become the catalyst to drive the momentum for more change and new ideas and better ways to do things – it becomes our way of doing business.

What have you found to be most rewarding about the position or the process?
D.H.: Simply working to get the word out. Helping to explain that this is not a one-time event but a continuous journey to keep reinventing ourselves and making what we do better for our customers and ourselves.

From Roy Hill:
"It is exciting to see what ITD has created, seeing what new ideas and implementations arise will be intriguing. Having employees show what can be done to improve their work component, then share it with others in the organization, gives us the 7X factor, but in many instances that is only the tip of the iceberg and 7X is an understatement. I am looking forward to being a part of the team that spearheads this process."

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Published 05-26-17