McCurdy, Serrano win District 6 ‘roadeo’            

Stacey McCurdy, Arco Maintenance, won the District 6 Truck Roadeo in the Sugar City maintenance yard May 17, earning 1,945 points. Camilo Serrano, Dubois Maintenance, won first place in the foreman/engineer/transportation-technician-engineering category of the contest, with 1,993 points — the highest score of any contestant in the competition.

Final scores reflected an average of two rounds through the course for dump-truck drivers and front-end loader operators, a truck inspection and a written exam. Participants are given 10 minutes to find five “planted” defects in the truck-inspection category and 10 minutes to answer 10 multiple-choice questions.

In second place was Mike Van Wagner, Sugar City maintenance, with the same number of points as McCurdy, but with a slower time in plow-truck events. Finish times of the winner and runner-up were close. McCurdy finished the truck events in 7 minutes, 8 seconds, while Van Wagner finished the truck events in 7 minutes, 32 seconds

Placing third in the competition was Trent Maupin, Sugar City maintenance, with 1,935 points. Maupin won the district roadeo the last two years. Serrano finished second in last year's D6 roadeo in the Transportation Tech.series.

Scott Robinson, Sugar City maintenance, finished second in the foreman/engineer/transportation-technician-engineering category, with 1,883 points.

Pictured left, l to r: Robinson and Serrano.

Winner of the stop-bar event for plow trucks was Melissa Moyer, Ashton maintenance, who came within one-half inch of the bar. Meanwhile, winner of the stop-bar event for front-end loaders was Dave Price, Dubois maintenance, who came within 2½ inches of the bar.

McCurdy, Van Wagner, Maupin and Serrano qualified to compete in the state roadeo June 13 in Coeur d’Alene. Craig Stewart was named an alternate for the event. Stewart, of Arco Maintenance, was fourth, 32 points behind Maupin. Corey Finn was fifth, 13 points back of Stewart.

Pictured right, l to r: Stewart, Van Wagner, McCurdy, Maupin and Finn.

The event in D6 was the first district roadeo event of the season. D5 and D4 held their events this week, with the other district competitions following in short order, culminating in the statewide competition in D1 June 13.


Published 05-26-17