“Paper Airplane Guy” presents at ITD June 13            

John Collins, sometimes known as “The Paper Airplane Guy,” visited with ITD employees and presented at the Headquarters’ auditorium on Tuesday, June 13.  John is best known for being the designer of the paper airplane that set the Guinness World Record in 2012, traveling 226 feet — a record that still stands. His original designs have been published in German, Russian and Chinese.

Collins used his paper airplanes as a backdrop to challenge ITD employees to utilize innovative concepts in design and engineering. In 2016, Collins turned paper airplanes into a full-time career, launching the National Paper Airplane Contest and providing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education programs to aviation and space museums, science museums, libraries, and schools across the U.S.

John was in town presenting to the students attending the Division of Aeronautics’ ACE (Aviation Career Exploration) Academy. A four-day program for high-school-age  students that exposes students to a variety of career opportunities in the aviation field. 

By combining STEM education with paper airplanes, John teaches the scientific method, creative design, innovation and the idea of making sophisticated items from very modest resources.  

Pictured to left: Director Brian Ness and wife Jackie make paper planes with Chief Deputy Scott Stokes.

Published 06-23-17