ITD, partners move forward on Northgate Interchange (Siphon Road) project            

A public private partnership to build the Northgate Interchange (Siphon Road) in Bannock County is being developed by District 5. The partnership consists of Millennial Development, city of Chubbuck, city of Pocatello, Bannock County, Pocatello Development Authority, and ITD.

The six partners met July 6 to review the potential agreement.

The project will connect parts of north Pocatello and Chubbuck to Interstate 15 near Siphon Road. Under the agreement, ITD would administer the construction of the interchange portion of project and the other partners would construct connecting road infrastructure.

“This interchange presents a unique opportunity to work closely with the private sector and other local agencies,” said Board Chairman Jerry Whitehead. “We understand why local residents are excited about this project. We think it will increase mobility and bring greater economic opportunity for the community.”

As part of the agreement, ITD and Millennial Development will share costs of building the interchange. The other partners will share the costs of building connecting infrastructure.

Published 07-07-17