ITD renews effort to reduce crashes during 100 Deadliest Days            

With summer in full swing, we are halfway through the 100 deadliest days of driving. The preliminary numbers are alarming, with approximately one death for each day since the Memorial Day weekend. 

According to preliminary reports, there have been 56 reported fatalities on Idaho roads since the 2017 Memorial Day weekend began May 26. The three most common contributing factors in Idaho crashes are aggressive driving, distracted driving and impaired driving.
Beginning today (Friday, July 21), more than 50 state and local law enforcement agencies will partner with the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries on Idaho roads. Officers will conduct additional patrols through August 4 with a focus on aggressive driving, distracted driving and seat belt use.

“Human behavior is the cause of 94 percent of our crashes,” said Josephine Middleton from ITD’s Office of Highway Safety. “We can all do little things like buckling up, putting our phones away or just being a little more patient; together we can make a difference.”   

Using your seat belt significantly reduces the odds of being killed or injured in a crash. From 2011-2015, nearly two thirds of the people who died in Idaho crashes were not wearing seat belts. 

The 100 Deadliest Days span the weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day – the busiest months on our roads.

“Across the state we see more people on the roads – more motorcycles, more pedestrians and more construction,” Middleton added. “We can all work together to make sure we all make it home safe at the end of the day.”  
The 100 Deadliest Days mobilization is funded by OHS as part of their Towards Zero Deaths goal to eliminate traffic fatalities and keep Idaho families whole.   


Published 07-21-17