ITD mourns recent passing of Krause, Chapman             

Two members of the ITD family — one a former employee who worked for the state for more than three decades, the other a worker in the McCammon maintenance shed in District 5 — passed away within a week of each other recently. All of ITD mourns the passing of John Krause and Chris Chapman.

Krause, who retired from ITD last fall with 32 years of state service, died July 14 while working in his shop. Extreme termperatures may have contributed to his passing - it was 102 degrees for the high on that day.

Pictured right: Krause and Spuddy Buddy ham it up in May 2015.

Krause's obituary ran a few days ago in the Idaho Statesman, written by his daughter, Rachel. A celebration or his life will be held tonight, July 21, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Kristin Artmstrong Municipal Park in Boise.

Several of his co-workers here at ITD had fond memories of John:

Joel Drake: "I am so glad for having known and worked with John, his intellect and quick wit were amazing - he was always professional and made nearly everything a learning experience, and fun."

Lisa West: "John was a pleasure to know as both a coworker and a friend. I am saddened that he was cheated out of a long and happy retirement in the woods with his lovely wife Marie. He will be missed!"

Chapman, the foreman in McCammon, drowned July 8 while rafting on the Snake River near Alpine, Wyoming. Here's the story from the Idaho State Journal.

Chapman's obituary also ran in the Journal after the incident. A memorial ceremony will be held for Chris on Sunday, July 23, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Centennial Park in Pocatello.

Several who knew Chris shared some recollections:

Ed Bala: "Chris was a natural leader who always saw the positives in others. He was an innovator, who believed in his crew and himself and their achievements reflected that belief. More than anything else though, he genuinely cared about people and wanted the best for them. And he had the greatest laugh…"

Steve Gertonson: "Chris was in the later development stage of becoming a great leader; he had made tremendous personal progress throughout the last couple of years. Chris was always willing to help other crews, give advice, opinions and guidance; he was affectionately known as the Governor of District 5 among the maintenance crews."

Pictured left: Chapman in April 2012 at the spring service awards in Pocatello.



Published 07-21-17