Pizza cones, mac & cheese cupcakes, deep-fried Oreo burgers
and the DMV

Question: What do pizza cones, deep-fried Oreo burgers and the DMV have in common?

Apparently, a lot. Approximately 4,500 visitors to the Western Idaho Fair stopped by the DMV booth to ask questions, give input and these culinary delights. The fair was held Aug. 18-27 in Boise.

This year booth volunteers focused on informing the public about organ donation, the importance of keeping your address up-to-date, and the upcoming Star Card – Idaho's Real ID. A variety of DMV brochures were also displayed.

"Our visitors were extremely interested in the why and how of the Star Card," Tammie Jauregui, the fair volunteer coordinator, said. "We also answered a variety of questions ranging from what is the process to get my child a driver's license to how do I take away my parent's driver's license."

Fair visitors were positive and friendly. Only a few negative comments were received.

"The fair is a learning experience for the DMV as well," Tammie said. "The interaction gives us a better understanding of the questions people have and how well our website and brochures answer the questions."

This is the 16th consecutive year the DMV has staffed a booth at the Western Idaho Fair. Volunteering for the fair were:

Tammie Jauregui, Kathleen Henderson, Teri VandeVenter, Lori Graves, Barbara Kerr, Tom Brock, Beverlie Edwards, Caleb Forrey, Becky Showman, Chris Fisher, Barry Takeuchi, April Davis, Teri Jo Gaylin, Tiffani Brown, Lisa Helton, Brandy Ferris, Craig Roberts, Yi Liu, Doug Kolar, Bonnie Fogdall, Kerry Krueger, Christine Lambing, Jeff Stratten, Derra Kolar, Rae Jean Larson, Jake Melder, Charlie Bussey, Travis Ingle, Mike White, Shawn Yocom, and Santiago Palomera.

A special thank you to Tammie for organizing the effort.

Above photo: DMV's Christine Lambing helps an Idaho youngster with a giant cut-out ID.

Published 09-15-17