ITD offers training to employees on board agenda items          

For employees called to present an item to the Idaho Transportation Board, or just those interested in learning more about the process, ITD recently began offering training to employees on board agenda item preparations.

“The intent is to train employees to do a better job when completing the board agenda item form, so we don’t have to make changes or corrections to the item, go back to the originator for clarification, or ask them to make changes,” explained Executive Assistant to the Board Sue Higgins, who manages board agenda items.

The training is designed to result in a better-completed form and save time making corrections. The class also provides the history of the department and board, gives employees a better understanding of the board and its structure, and offers tips when making presentations to the board.

Higgins said she has already conducted two classes, with about 15 employees attending each training.

Published 11-03-17