ITD Port of Entry employees aid stranded Florida motorist          

When an out-of-town motorist found herself stranded in the median of Interstate 84 on the evening of Oct. 22, East Boise Port of Entry employees responded quickly.

Nancy Lohr was traveling from Florida, driving a U Haul Truck and towing her car. Tired and not realizing how close she was to Boise, she decided to make a u-turn near the East Boise Port of Entry and look for a motel.

Unfortunately, the truck became stuck on the interstate shoulder. Port of Entry Inspector Pedro Melchor (pictured right) noticed the incident and responded.

“I waited for clearance and ran across the eastbound lane of the interstate to check on the driver,” Pedro reported. “I decided to have her come into the port building and be safe rather than be on the shoulder of the interstate.”

He then called for a tow truck. While in the port building, Lohr revealed she was diabetic and needed something to eat. She quickly became ill.

“I immediately called dispatch again and let them know that she was requesting medical attention,” Pedro said. “At that point, I closed the port and cleared the area so that medical personal could get in and out, with no traffic around them. She began to feel better. Medics and Idaho State Police made sure she was fine and left on another call.”

“It is amazing how the port of entry employees so often are the lifeline for motorists,” DMV Manager Alberto Gonzales said. “All port employees should be proud of the many services they provide to improve safety on our highways.”

Published 11-03-17