District 3 again coordinates Christmas Tree move          

For yet another year, crews from District 3 helped coordinate the move and transport the Capitol Christmas Tree from its home in southeast Boise to the steps of the Idaho Statehouse.

While the entire process took several hours on the morning of Nov. 20, the planning effort began in early September.

Garden City Maintenance Foreman Travis Dodd worked with the state facility manager, the Department of Administration, and area law enforcement personnel to facilitate the transport of the tree, donating the truck to haul it. Inland Crane provided the crane and folks at the Statehouse to unload and place the tree — along with decorating it.

 “This year, five guys assisted with the move,” Dodd said. “It’s become a holiday tradition for us.”

The tree, a Blue Spruce, is about 53 feet tall.

Published 12-01-17