Joe McGuire and McCammon/Downey Maintenance assume new roles           

The McCammon/Downey Maintenance shed will feature a new face this winter, as Joe McGuire (pictured below) becomes the new foreman, overseeing eight maintenance positions and 226 lane miles of highway. The crew itself will have a new identity, assuming more of a “floater” role and transitioning to surrounding areas to provide assistance to a pair of nearby mountain passes and the burgeoning Pocatello area.

Joe was hired in 2013 and worked for the Striping Crew. He transferred to Soda Springs Maintenance in July 2014 and worked there until his promotion in late September. 

All told, the three surrounding maintenance areas – Malad, Soda Springs and Pocatello -  and McGuire’s shed cover nearly 1,000 lane miles in southeastern Idaho.

“This is a shed that has a co-foreman for winter maintenance purposes, probably the only one in the state,” explained District 5 Operations Engineer Steve Gertonson. The other winter maintenance co-foreman is David Petersdorf, also the Striping foreman.

Published 11-17-17