Employee input sought for internal Challenge Coin          

ITD employees: The Safety Recognition Challenge Coin Design Contest needs your help to create the first-ever designs that will be used to recognize safe behavior.

Your design could be a part of this new way to celebrate maintaining and encouraging a safe environment.

Winning designers will receive a complete set of the 2018 Challenge Coins. Challenge Coins, awarded for good behavior, is a concept adopted a few years ago by the United States military that is gaining traction in the business world.

Contest rules are fairly straight-forward:

- Clean and sharp hand-drawn OR something done with a graphics program.
- Must incorporate ITD brand "Your Safety-Your Mobility-Your Economic Opportunity"
- Nothing inappropriate in the design
- Contest runs December 15, 2017 through January 15, 2018
- Contest open to ITD employees or family members
- Design and publishing rights become the sole property of. For questions, email Dianna Magstadt at dianna.magstadt@itd.idaho.gov.

Published 12-15-17