Price, two-time Best of the Best innovation winner,
takes over as D4 steward

D.J. Price, winner of an ITD Best of the Best innovation category in each of the last two years, recently took over as the Innovation Steward for District 4. He replaces Trey Mink as steward, who served in that role since the Innovation Steward program launched several years ago.

Price started with ITD in the Rupert maintenance shed in 2000, and now works in the Sublett/Declo shed. Typically he is busy filling potholes, fixing signs, servicing equipment, helping with bridge repair and working with the Bridge and Building crew.

Asked if he has anything new in the hopper this year to continue his Best of the Best streak, Price said, "Your question makes me smile. Winning two awards is cool, but having three would be awesome. There is a little pressure, but I do have some ideas."

Price won in 2015 for his posthole puller in the Safety category,, and in 2016 for a magnetic sweeper in the Mobility category. As a previous winner, Price will be well-equipped to deal with the challenges and barriers to more widespread D4 involvement in the ITD innovation program.


Published 01-12-18