l to r: Jared Holyoak, Amy Schroeder, Merrill Sharp

Holyoak and Sharp join Schroeder in new GARVEE office          

How do you follow up an award-winning program like the first round of GARVEE? You start by bring back two of the people who made it successful the first time around, then add a new project manager who brings more than a quarter-century of ITD experience.

In addition to the return of Amy Schroeder at the helm, Jared Holyoak also returns. Holyoak, a Project Manager for the first round of GARVEE, has been working with the Contract Services group on design-build and managing the Transportation Alternatives Program for the past few years.

Merrill Sharp joined the GARVEE team Jan. 8 after working with the District 3 Group 1 design and construction team for the past dozen years. He has also worked at HQ and D3 design during his 27-year ITD career.

Sharp will begin by managing the US-95 GARVEE projects in District 1, while Holyoak will manage the Interstate 84 expansion from the Karcher Interchange to Franklin Boulevard (Nampa) in D3. The team is still deciding who will oversee the rest of the I-84 design and construction and the Idaho Highway 16 preliminary engineering.

In all, the group will manage $427 million of projects -- $300M in GARVEE funds, and the rest state and federal aid allocated/dedicated to the corridors.

Published 01-19-18