National paving group awards ITD north-central Idaho project          

The National Asphalt and Paving Association awarded a recently completed north-central Idaho project for a high-quality final product. The award went to the project’s contractor, Knife River, but is primarily a win for the region’s drivers.

Two companioned projects treated as one entry, were awarded Dec. 20, 2017. The two sections were an eight-mile piece from the Spalding Bridge to Lewiston, and four miles from Spalding to the junction of US-12 & ID-3. Pictured above is the US-95/US-12 interchange in Lewiston. Everything in the photo was milled, then filled, then overlayed with hot mix.
"Although ITD does not perform the actual work that results in a contractor receiving a Quality in Construction award, we are responsible for financing and inspecting the work, and making decisions that assist in creating the foundation for quality work to occur," said Project Manager Paula Pintar. "This project had great design and construction personnel participating in every aspect of the project. It is important to recognize those efforts as well done and I thank everyone involved."

Awards are granted based on samples that are submitted to the National Center for Asphalt Technology in Alabama and reviewed for deviations and for consistency.

Published 02-02-18