Annex fan noise reduction models “good neighbor” behavior          

ITD aspires to be a good neighbor, and late in February, our Headquarters Building Services folks modeled the behavior.

A citizen living across Whitewater Park Boulevard, facing the backside of the East Annex building, called to mention that the exhaust fan was so noisy she couldn’t sleep. It runs 24/7 because it ventilates out the lab. Building Services Manager Aaron Nelson (pictured left) and crew had the old unit cleaned and serviced, with the housing resealed to reduce the noise.

Nelson said the unit will eventually require replacement, but while he waits for funding approval for the estimated $4,500 fan, the crew used a stop-gap measure to keep the peace.

“It is substantially quieter now,” said a grateful Sonja Szurgot. “Thanks very much for all the help with this issue, greatly appreciated!” 

Published 03-16-18