Starting in April, license renewal notices will feature
information about Star Card ­– Idaho's REAL ID          

Driver's license renewal notices will soon be taking the form of a postcard and feature information about how to get the Star Card ­– Idaho's REAL ID. There are 1,100-1,300 statewide renewals by mail per month.

"We have been receiving feedback from the counties and the County Engagement Team that customers wanting the Star Card were not always prepared and had to return to the county office one or more times to provide the correct documents," Idaho DMV Administrator Alberto Gonzalez said. "We wanted to do something to help."

So, beginning in April, Idahoans whose driver's license are about to expire will receive a postcard, rather than the standard renewal letter, directing them to the Star Card website for a list of documents to bring if they are interested in obtaining the card. The artwork for the postcard is currently being developed.

"Having customers better prepared will reduce counter transaction time, wait times and return trips to the county offices," Gonzalez explained.

Almost 9,500 Star Cards have been successfully issued since Jan. 2. Approximately 11% of people renewing their license are opting for the Star Card rather than the standard renewal.

Published 03-30-18