Public Transportation funding and discussion of special plate highlights March meeting of Idaho Transportation Board          

Funding of various public transportation and details of the North American license plate program highlighted the March 15 meeting of the Idaho Transportation Board.

Public Transportation project approval
The board approved public transportation projects for the 2018-2020 funding cycle. The Public Transportation Office issued a call for projects for the Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities, Rural Areas, Bus and Bus Facilities, and Intercity Bus Programs funded by the Federal Transit Administration. Projects also were solicited for the state-funded Vehicle Investment Program.

The Public Transportation Advisory Council reviewed projects and recommended the list to fund. Some projects funded included Disability Action Center, Treasure Valley Transit, and LINC for purchase of service; Shoshone County, Appaloosa Express, Mountain Rides, and Shoshone Bannock Tribe for operations and maintenance; Selkirk Ponderay Transit to purchase three 18-passenger buses; Ada County Highway District to purchase four 12-seat vans; and Minidoka Memorial Hospital for a maintenance shop/parking garage for its vehicles.

About $18 million was available for federal grants and $624,000 for the Vehicle Investment Program. The projects will be included in the FY18-21 Statewide Transportation Investment Program.

North America Plate
Staff summarized the Idaho North America Plate program. Enacted in 2009 via legislation, it allows both Idaho-based and non-Idaho-based trailers to have permanent Idaho registrations and plates for a one-time fee. The plate remains with the trailer for as long as the title-holder retains ownership of the trailer. The customer may also print its logo on the plate. To date, 46,806 plates have been sold, bringing in $4.7 million.

Director’s Report
Via a pre-recorded video, Director Ness reported on various Department activities.

A number of these stories can be found in archived Transporters, and the entire Director’s Board Report can be viewed at

Published 03-30-18