D4's 22 innovators (some of whom are not pictured) were recognized April 11.

ITD's south-central office celebrates employees and their accomplishments          

April proved to be a busy month for employees in District 4. Amid all the hustle and bustle associated with the upcoming construction season, time was set aside for employees to take a breather and celebrate one another and their accomplishments.

An innovation celebration kicked off the month, as innovators gathered April 11 in Shoshone to receive a coveted ITD Innovation Award. Twenty-two certificates were distributed among innovators in various areas, ranging from a school-outreach program to shed striping for fleet safety, and improved roadside delineation replacement.

The D4 Innovation Steward, D.J. Price, hosted the event alongside innovation support team members Matt Lyons and James Bennet. District Engineer Devin Rigby and several managers were also in attendance while recipients received their awards.

These winning innovations will now move to the next phase of the ITD innovation awards process, where they will join the pool of other submissions seeking to garner a Best of the Best award later this year.

On April 17, district members gathered once again in Shoshone for an Employee Appreciation potluck proudly sponsored by the district’s Employee Benefit Fund.

Food was plentiful and conversations were engaging. While employees enjoyed an assortment of home-baked desserts, Rigby highlighted various employees’ length of tenure before the crowd.

Ranging from 5-35 years of ITD service, 22 individuals were recognized for their dedication to the department and to the public.

Pictured right: 35-year honoree Allen Knight receives congratulations from District Engineer Devin Rigby.

Published 05-11-18