Roadeos retooled to enhance training
and meet performance benchmarks

This year's equipment roadeos will be held across the state starting with the District 3 event Tuesday (May 15) in Garden Valley and Thursday (May 17) at Twin Falls for District 4. The events have been re-worked to enhance training for employees and bring new pieces of equipment into the mix to more closely emulate what participants will see at the national level.

A quarter of ITD's employees are new in the last two years, so events also have been retooled to entice new transportation techs to get involved. The theory being dispelled is that the equipment and course never change and the same guys always win because they are more familiar with it.

State Truck Roadeo Coordinator Kelley Dick eliminated the foremen operating in a separatecategory fromthe TTO's. Also, Kelley is introducing a 10-wheeler with a two-way plow, replacing the 6-wheeler with a one-way plow, and adding a backhoe event to the mix this year. Backhoe competency is a requirement for Step 2 in the TTO Horizontal CareerPath for maintenance.

Four winners from each district will be going to the state roadeo in D2 June 19 to determine which two will be advancing to participate in the national roadeo in Loveland, Colorado.

Below is the schedule for roadeo events this summer:

2018 Equipment Roadeo Schedule
D3—May 15 (Tuesday) Garden Valley Gravel Pit
D4—May 17 (Thursday) Twin Falls Mtce.
D5—May 22 (Tuesday) Pocatello HQ Main Complex
D6—May 24 (Thursday) Sugar City
D1—June 12 (Tuesday) Athol Gravel Pit
D2—June 14 (Thursday) Orofino-Dworshak Dam
STATE—D2—June 19 (Tuesday) Orofino-Dworshak Dam

Published 05-11-18