ITD, Board celebrate Jacobsen's 60 years of service

We recently celebrated State of Idaho Employee Appreciation week, so it was only fitting that the department and Idaho Transportation Board took the opportunity while in District 5 to celebrate the incredible longevity of one particular state employee — Terry Jacobsen.

Check out the video from the celebration.

He started with the Special Crews team in 1958, then moved to Construction to perform testing and inspection. His first job was on Interstate 15 between Chubbuck Road and Fort Hall in the late 1950's when the interstate was first constructed. He then joined the D5 Lab in 1984 and has been there ever since.

1958 to 2018 -- that's right, 60 years!

Jacobsen will mark 60 years of service to the State of Idaho this summer, on July 24. But ITD and the transportation board wanted to take the time to celebrate Terry's career while the traveling board meeting was there in District 5 last week.

ITD was built by employees who have chosen to spend a lifetime working to serve the people of Idaho. And for Terry, it has truly been a lifetime of service. He actually started in April of 1958, but the clock didn't start ticking officially until that summer.

Terry is the longest-serving Idaho state employee on record. And besides ITD employees, it is not even that close. ITD holds many of the top ten spots on the list, with the exception being former Secretary of State Pete Cenarrusa, who had 52 years under his belt when he retired. In addition to Terry's incredible achievement, two other employees from this agency are at or near 50 years or more on the active list – Dianne Schlund in D4 and Mike Ebright in HQ Bridge.

Jacobsen was presented a plaque renaming the D5 concrete lab in his honor, and a custom-framed certificate, signed by many of his co-workers.

Published 05-25-18