Evolution of technology delivery at ITD

The 2019 IT plan has been published and is ready for viewing. (2019 IT Plan)

Over the last year, ETS has collaborated with business partners to identify their technology needs for 2019. Patterned after the Idaho Transportation Investment Program (ITIP), we have created a comprehensive plan that identifies all the IT projects planned for the upcoming year and the funding required to execute those projects.

For the first time ever at ITD, we have created an IT plan that represents technology in the business decision-making process to add value to the organization. This will help ITD be more proactive in technology implementations. The plan contains 16 large projects, 37 operational initiatives, and 22 highway construction projects that require technology.

The 2019 IT plan is designed to set clear expectations amongst all parties and to reduce last-minute surprises that are disruptive and waste resources. As we mature this planning discipline, we will get better at anticipating our needs so that we can execute with certainty and with high quality. The 2019 IT plan has been shared and approved by the executive leadership team.

If you have critical technology needs that are not represented in the plan, please discuss your needs with your Senior Leadership Team (SLT) member to start scheduling projects for FY 2020. (SLT Members)

In addition to the 2019 project list, the plan includes the consolidation of IT resources into ETS. This consolidation of resources will streamline the delivery of end-to-end IT services and will drive clarity to how we deliver technology at ITD.

This single channel to get technology services will: drive standards that are compatible across the organization; drive repeatability of services which will result in efficiencies; and, develop the required expertise to become a high functioning IT organization. The consolidation of IT resources and the addition of new disciplines into ETS resulted in some redundancies with the governance boards.

In the spirit of efficiency and effectiveness, several governance boards have been disbanded and the responsibilities of those boards have been migrated to the corresponding functional areas. The Information Security Board, the Information Management Board and the Architectural Board will continue to operate because those areas are experiencing a perpetual state of change. The Architecture Governance Board is being reformed with a new focus on business leadership input on the technology standards and designs that ETS will set moving forward.

Continuing to improve our technology planning will help us reach our goal of being the best transportation department in the country.

Published 06-22-18