ITD earns Gold Award for May In Motion

The Idaho Transportation Department recently won a Gold Award for its participation in May in Motion, an annual campaign that encourages employees to get active in bicycling, walking, or sharing rides to work.

To earn the Gold, a business must have more than 10% of their employees participate in May in Motion at least four times per month. ITD had 14% participation.

In addition, the department had multiple employee incentives: bike racks, bike share, alternate work hours, telecommute, and showers.

ITD also had six promotions (promoted, posted on a bulletin board, provided brochures and flyers, had a tabling with Commuteride, and promote smart transportation at health fairs). 

“You need 15% to receive a Platinum award and you were SO close this year — I know you can do it!” ACHD Outreach Specialist Christina Torkelson wrote in an email to ITD May in Motion Coordinator Dianna Magstadt.

Published 06-22-18