Hawks, Chukars help ITD promote highway safety

Baseball and highway safety have a lot in common—it’s all about making it home safe. So creating a partnership between the Office of Highway Safety (OHS) and professional baseball seemed to fit like a ball in a glove.

OHS is teaming up with the Idaho Falls Chukars and the Boise Hawks to help fans make it home safe from each game.

“Baseball is our national pastime,” said OHS Outreach Manager Ken Corder. “Going out to those games is a family affair and we want to make sure those families make it home safe.”

This year both teams will have highway safety messages prominently displayed in their ballparks, they will also play public service announcements during their radio broadcasts.

One of the biggest highway safety efforts stemming from this partnership will happen on “Saved by the Belt Night” with the Hawks July 21. The team will wear commemorative jerseys featuring a seatbelt, and Dennis Haskins, better known as Mr. Belding from the popular 90’s show Saved by the Bell will make a special appearance at Memorial Stadium.

“This is a great example of the Hawks stepping up to the plate to help make our communities safer,” said Corder. “When it comes to highway safety, it really is a team effort and we are so proud to have partners who go above and beyond to share our message.”

Corder says these types of strategic partnerships will play a vital role in reducing crashes across the state.


Published 06-22-18