2018 Roadeo: 9th time is a charm for D2's Winther

This year, participants in the state roadeo gathered just above the Dworshak Dam in Orofino (District 2) to demonstrate their skills with various equipment in a bid to advance to nationals.

Of the 25 contestants, Ty Winther (D2) and Trent Maupin (D6) will move on, with Dalton Rice (D6) serving as an alternate. While Maupin has competed at the national level three previous times (2015, 2016 & 2017), this will be the first time for Winther.

The national competition will take place in Colorado in a few months.

Check out the video.

Here's the complete list of the contestants from each district, with statewide winners bolded:

District 1
1. Marc Johnson (4th)
2. Robert Buechner
3. Talmon Gibson
4. Jed Henderson

District 2
1. Lance Gau
2. Ty Winther (1st)
3. Mark Schuster
4. James Lockart

District 3
1. Tony Anchestegui
2. Gary Smith
3. Mike Garrett
4. Robin Freeman (5th)
5. Jeremy Johnson

District 4
1. Allen Knight
2. Brian Davidson
3. Shane Wayment
4. Tony Rigby

District 5
1. Bruce Dial
2. Brandon Steffens
3. Jed Gregersen (6th)
4. Mike Vansell

District 6
1. Sheldon Jones
2. Dalton Rice (3rd)
3. Stacey McCurdy
4. Trent Maupin (2nd)

Published 06-22-18