Governor's committee exploring the future
of self-driving cars in Idaho

How self-driving cars would operate on Idaho's roads, and the laws that would need to be changed to address them, was the subject of the first meeting of state and industry representatives held in May.

The meeting is part of Governor Otter's Autonomous and Connected Vehicle Testing and Deployment Committee.

"The meeting generated lively discussion about the future of autonomous and connected vehicles," DMV Policy Specialist Amy Smith said. "Topics included security, enforcement, legislation, and insurance details."

Additional meetings are scheduled for August and September. A report of the committee's preliminary findings and recommendations is due to Governor Otter in November.

Standing members on the committee are: Brian Ness, Idaho Transportation Department; Bobbi-Jo Meuleman, Idaho Department of Commerce; Tom Donovan, Idaho Department of Insurance; Sheldon Kelley, Idaho State Police; Sam Eaton, Office of Governor Otter, and State Senator Bert Brackett.

Members appointed by the Governor are: Pete Scullion, Association of Global Automakers; Anne Lewis; Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers; David Lincoln, Golden Gate Highway District; Matthew Conde, American Automobile Association; Bobby Peterson, Fairly Reliable Bob's; Jason Andrus, Andrus Distributing, and Linda Jones, Lincoln County Assessor's Office.

Published 06-29-18