Grubb and Hart's DIY decal work saves department $5,000 so far

When you can do it yourself, why not? When the finished product is every bit as good — or better — than the outfit that was charging you handsomely to do it in their shop, no need to think twice.

Headquarters' Mason Grubb and Paul Hart started applying ITD decals to the side of the department's new fleet vehicles in March. The practice is not only saving time by not having to do it commercially, but has also saved about $5,000 so far.

Grubb and Hart have decaled about 40 trucks to date.

The agency was paying about $75/hour in labor to an outside vendor. In addition, the old process, which involved having the trucks done by a shop in Garden City, required two ITD employees to shuttle the trucks back and forth.

Hart and Grubb suggested that they could do the decal applications themselves, saving both time (an estimated 320 hours) and money in the process. Both Grubb and Hart had experience in the commercial sign industry prior to working for ITD. Grubb had specialized in commercial signs and vehicle graphics and installation, and they also had the equipment and software to produce everything needed.

"This seemed like a waste of time and money when we have the resources available here to do the work on site," Grubb said.

"The sign shop was asked to provide some sample orange striping and logos for a prototype for a new truck design that was in the works," he explained. "I made the suggestion that we also could work up designs for the trucks since we have the software available to do it. We not only could do the layouts for the new truck designs, but also do the work to install them."

The logical decision was for the graphics to be produced and the installations to be done here at ITD.

"I think the best part of the plan is the quality of service and the care they give each vehicle," explained ITD Highway Equipment Analyst Jeff Rados. "It really is a huge difference. You can tell they take pride in their work."

Published 07-13-18