Emergency medical training proves invaluable at Port of Entry

First aid and helicopter landing-zone training prepared the staff of the Cotterel Port of Entry to handle a medical emergency earlier this summer.

In early June, the Cotterel Port was notified that a young woman, injured in a side-by-side sport utility vehicle accident, was being transported by her mother to the port to rendezvous with emergency medical providers. Both an ambulance and life flight were being dispatched.

Inspectors RaNae Eddings and Ed Bean closed the port and set up a landing zone for the helicopter, while Senior Inspector Julie Roseborough and Ben Southern, a Transportation Tech from the Sublett Maintenance Shed, assessed and treated the patient. Both are certified Emergency Medical Technicians.

It was determined Life Flight was not needed, so the patient was transported by ambulance to a medical facility, where she received stitches and was treated for scrapes.

"Where we are located, it is essential our staff know how to help each other as well as the public," Roseborough said. "I teach the CPR and first aid classes for District 4 and I know these skills have been used many times over the years by our employees. I want ITD leadership to know we are grateful for these classes so that we can help others."

She added that emergencies can happen anywhere and encouraged all ITD employees to learn emergency medical skills. The helicopter-landing training received by ITD maintenance employees also proved valuable.

"Everyone worked together to see that this young lady had all the care she needed and was not put into any further danger," Julie said. "I commend all involved."

Published 07-13-18