ITD has three "Faces of Transportation" photos
in AASHTO contest

ITD has three photos listed as finalists in the AASHTO Faces of Transportation photo contest. From now through Aug. 17, employees can vote on their favorite photo once each day. Since most of us have at least two devices (desktop and mobile), we can submit one vote, from each unique device, once every day.

The three ITD photos are shown below. In all three, the employees are wearing new vests designed to be more visible to drivers and help them stand out from orange cones, candlesticks, and equipment.

Go to the AASHTO Faces of Transportation site, pick your favorite from the eligible candidates, and record your vote. To make it easier, you can go to the site and enter "Reed" into the search form. They are listed under my name because I submitted them, not because I took the photos.




Published 08-03-18