Idaho's REAL ID program compliant with national standards

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) determined Idaho complies with the REAL ID Act and regulations. The determination came after a complicated and rigid review of Idaho's program by DHS.

"I would like to congratulate Idaho for its efforts in supporting our shared goal of improving the security of state-issued driver's licenses and identifications cards," wrote DHS Assistant Secretary for Threat Prevention and Security Policy Elizabeth Neumann.

DMV Operations Manager Bonnie Fogdall also added her congratulations noting achieving the certification required a department wide cooperation. Leading the effort were Natasha Arnesen, Sharon Griffin and Jeanne Purcell.

In other DMV news:

GEM passes Social Security Administration review
The Social Security Administration (SSA) determined the driver's phase of the GEM Modernization project meets its standards for the transmission, storage and processing of SSA data.

"Results of our review indicate the Idaho Transportation Department is in full compliance with SSA's security requirements," SSA Director of Compliance and Assessment wrote. "The implementation of the GEM system poses no threat to SSA data."

Leading the department's effort to meet the SSA standards and protect this valuable information for Idahoans were Eric Lawson, Neil Snyder, Brian Goeke, Bill Finke and Brian Reed.

Published 08-03-18