D2 develops sign storage for the field

In District 2, one crew’s system for organizing signs in operations pickups has increased safety on the highway and conserved resources.

Transportation Tech. Ty Winther of the Moscow/Potlatch maintenance crew, worked with operations co-worker Lonnie Crume to install tubes in the bed of a truck to store fkexible, malleable signs. The sealed tubes protect signs from the weather and the less-clean contents in the back.

The tubes will house any type of sign, as long as they can be rolled up. Winther said he carries:

2 – 48"x48" roadwork ahead signs
2 – 48"x48" one-lane road ahead signs
2- 48"x48" flagger ahead signs
2- 48"x48" incident ahead signs

“We were able to triple the time between purchasing new signs because they weren’t getting dirty or damaged during transport,” Winther said.

Because signs are stored neatly in the back, crews also save time by skipping the loading and unloading process. In times of urgency, having certain signs improves conditions for other emergency responders as well as drivers.

“Having our signs along at all times makes us prepared for any eventuality we may come across,” Crume said. “When we’re called out for an incident, we are always ready to respond as soon as we arrive at the shop, no matter the hour of the day.”

Published 08-17-18