Safety gets a new look

Safety is getting a new look at ITD during a statewide safety stand down Thursday morning (Aug. 30).

The event begins at 8 a.m. Mountain/7 a.m. Pacific. In its simplest sense, a safety stand down is taking time out, in a group setting, to discuss a safety issue. In this case, the safety issue is the visibility of our highway workers to the motoring public.

Employees across the state will log in to a video or join a phone conference call created specifically for the occasion. Following a brief explanation and countdown, employees will take off their old orange safety vest for the last time and put on the new high-visibility yellow/green vests.

This is for everyone at ITD — Highways, DMV, Aeronautics, Administration, HR, Ports of Entry — all are involved, as well as the districts. All maintenance crews are asked to report to their district office or nearest supervisor's shed for this event.

Check out this short video of the upcoming event.

This shift, and the reasons behind it, also will be communicated to the public and media.

The following conference rooms are scheduled in the district offices and at headquarters:
- HQ Auditorium
- DMV Conference room
- DMV Modernization
- ITD main Lobby
- Conference Room 104 (HR and EEO area)
- IS Conference Room (ETS area)
- PMO Conference Room (ETS area)
- Conference Room 212 (2nd floor)
- Conference Room 209 (2nd floor)
- Conference Room 301 (3rd floor)
- Supply Conference room (BSM building)
- Conference Room East Annex
- Conference Room West Annex
- Central Conference Room in Annex
- D1 EOC
- D2 Main Conference Room
- D3 Large Conference Room
- D4 EOC
- D5 Conference Room 1 & 2
- D6 Large Conference Room

Additional locations/connections are also being explored, and will be communicated to employees when finalized.

For those unable to join in any of these locations, WebEx phone meeting instructions will follow via email.

Published 08-24-18