Right place, right time

Island Park - August 28 (US-20, milepost 385): A semi trailer caught fire while traveling through our construction zone. Fortunately, just as the fire ignited, the driver pulled over in our already closed lane. As soon as the truck was parked, our crews were right on the scene with our water truck, which was on-site for fire control as our crews were doing shoulder work.

Crews began putting the fire out on the trailer, along with watering the roadway and shoulder to prevent other fires from breaking out. When the fire department could get there, ITD crews continued to help the firemen put the fire out.

ITD District 6 crew members who helped in this fire rescue were Carlos Garcia, Ray McMinn, Dallen Griffel, Joe Merritt and Mitch Thomas from the Ashton and Island Park maintenance sheds.


Published 08-31-18