Eggccidents, Star Card and Carnies

"Eggccidents" and the Star Card were the focus of the department's booth at the Western Idaho State Fair Aug. 17-26 in Boise.

The booth included a demonstration of what happens when two eggs riding in a car crash into a wall at 30 mph – one wearing a seat belt and one not.

"Which egg would you rather be?" onlookers were asked as the broken egg (not wearing a seat belt) and the unbroken egg (wearing a seat belt) were displayed. The answers were unanimous.

Staffers also answered questions about the Star Card — Idaho's REAL ID.

Staff from the DMV, Office of Communication, Office of Highway Safety, Federal Highway Administration, and the Division of Aeronautics manned
the booth.

Sarah Parker looks a LOT like Barry Takeuchi.

Published 08-31-18